Shinto priest’s wife, daughter ready for baptism

19 04 2010

Miyuki Ito, 38, and her five-year-old daughter, Kotone, are scheduled to be baptized as Catholics at the April 3 Easter Vigil at the Yonezawa Church in Yamagata Prefecture, 290 kilometers north of Tokyo.

What makes them unusual? “My home is a Shinto shrine. My current job is as a miko,” or female shrine attendant, she explains. Her husband is a Shinto priest.

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Thief returns money stolen from shrine 10 years ago + interest

3 03 2010

Tadashi Sunaga stands in front of the donation box at Yama Jinja shrine in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, on Monday. (Mainichi)

UTSUNOMIYA — “There is something I have to apologize to this shrine for.” Those were the opening words of a letter found in the donation box at Yama Jinja shrine here along with 30,000 yen.

The letter was a confession from someone who 10 years before, when still in primary school, had stolen 10,000 yen from the box. “When I became an adult, I realized how hard it is to make money, and I remembered stealing from the box,” the letter continued.

The extra 20,000 yen, the mysterious writer said, was to make up for all the time that had gone by, as a kind of interest payment.

“It’s good this person didn’t continue down a bad road,” said the shrine’s manager, 76-year-old Tadashi Sunaga. “I’m happy.”

That is the full story but here is the source

Cult raided over death of baby boy

15 01 2010

FUKUOKA (Kyodo) Police raided the Fukuoka headquarters of a religious group Thursday over the death of a baby whose parents allegedly caused him to die by withholding medical treatment.

Their 7-month-old son, Yoshihiko, underweight and suffering from eczema, died in October

The parents allegedly only tried to help their son through religious acts of holding their hands over the baby’s body in what the sect calls a “jorei” service to cleanse the soul.

Hideo Takatsuki, 32, became a follower in elementary school, while Kuniko Takatsuki, 30, joined when she was in junior high school.

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Yet another crazy cult here.  I dont have an official number but there are quite a few of these small groups around with a lot of them hiding behind a veneer of Buddhism when they really aren’t Buddhist at all.     More often when these groups end up in the news it is because of money issues.  It’s so sad that this time an innocent kid died.

Cardinal Shirayanagi passes away at age 81

31 12 2009

TOKYO, Dec. 30 (AP) – (Kyodo)—Cardinal Seiichi Shirayanagi, who was named cardinal in October 1994 by Pope John Paul II, died of heart failure Wednesday morning at a monastery in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward where he was recuperating, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan said. He was 81.

Shirayanagi, a Tokyo native, was ordained a priest in 1954 and appointed archbishop of Tokyo in 1970. He was the fourth Japanese who was made cardinal. With his death, there is no longer a Japanese cardinal.


May he rest in peace.

An interesting point from another article

With the death of Cardinal Shirayanagi, there are not 184 living members of the College of Cardinals, of whom 112 are under the age of 80 and thus eligible to vote in a papal conclave.


Churches in Western Japan Targeted by Vandals

12 12 2009

Police in western Japan are investigating a series of vandalism acts against Protestant churches, with more than 50 places of worship damaged over the last year, the Asahi newspaper reported.

Windows were smashed and fire extinguishers thrown inside churches in the prefectures of Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto and Shiga, the Asahi said, citing local police. Some of the fire extinguishers were stolen from nearby apartment buildings, the report said.

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Japanese article (with photo) here

I hope the person or persons responsible for this are caught and brought to justice ASAP.

Archdiocese of Osaka launches a Day for Life in defence of unborn children and against suicide.

12 12 2009

Kamagasaki (AsiaNews) – Life “is a treasure of holiness, which must be protected at all costs. Learning to recognize and respect the dignity of every human being, even those not yet born, is the key to improving society and the world in which we live”.  These are the words with which the auxiliary bishop of Osaka, Msgr. Goro Matsuura, opened the Day for Life organized by the archdiocese Centre for Social Action Sinapis.

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Wow way to go Osaka!  Just because I havent been aware of any such events in the past doesn’t mean that there havent been any but I hope they keep it up.

The Director of Sinapis, Fr. Kazunori Hayashi, explains: “The Day was also organized with excursions outside the centre, a first for our community. This is very important, because the need to face the world reverberates deeply in our heart, a kind of earthquake, which we need if we want to continue on our journey”.

Uummm …what?!

During his speech, Msgr. Matsuura explained the meaning of human dignity to the participants and emphasized the freedom of choice and the necessary respect for the will of others: “Respecting a child, treating it properly, means respecting its will. The people that we face have the right to have their own opinions and express them: and we are called to respect them, always. “

Instead of freedom of choice maybe they meant free will?  Respect for the will of others?  So if someone wants to commit suicide I should respect their will?  I’m having a really hard time following his logic today.  I think it was the whole earthquake heart reverberation part that threw me off.

To explain dignity within human relationships, the prelate added: “Falling from a tree and hurting oneself is a different thing from being hit with a branch by a person. Even if the wound is the same in the second case we are dealing with an attack on human dignity: this should not be tolerated if we are to improve humanity. “

But don’t we have to respect the will of the person who is using the tree branch to hit someone?  And what about the will of the tree, the branch, and even gravity?!  This guy needs better examples since I fail to see the connection between suicide, abortion, and whatever he`s talking about.

Yasuki Tanaka, a 26 year old Catholic from Semboku church said: “It was the first time someone explained the word dignity to me. I myself have repeatedly acknowledged having a tendency to self-humiliation, but this meeting has helped me to understand the truth of things”.

At least someone understood!  Or did he?  I’m tempted to hit him with a tree branch during an earthquake to find out.  Just kidding!

‘Bombed Mary’ to visit Guernica, Vatican with Nagasaki priests

3 11 2009



NAGASAKI, Oct. 28 (AP) – (Kyodo)—Priests of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nagasaki will take the “bombed Mary,” a statue damaged in the wartime U.S. atomic bombing of the city, on a pilgrimage to Guernica, Spain, and the Vatican next year, archbishop Mitsuaki Takami said Wednesday.

It will be the third overseas trip for the roughly 26-centimeter-high scorched wooden head of a Virgin Mary statue found in the ruins of Urakami Cathedral, about 500 meters from ground zero, following trips to the Vatican in 1985 and Belarus in 2000.

During the tour from April 20 to May 1, the group, including regular followers, will attend a mass and a ceremony to commemorate victims of the 1937 carpet bombing of Guernica by German forces and have an audience in the Vatican with Pope Benedict XVI, he said.

“We should never repeat such a cruel war and hope to call for peace from the nonviolent standpoint,” Takami said in a press conference in Nagasaki.