Churches in Western Japan Targeted by Vandals

12 12 2009

Police in western Japan are investigating a series of vandalism acts against Protestant churches, with more than 50 places of worship damaged over the last year, the Asahi newspaper reported.

Windows were smashed and fire extinguishers thrown inside churches in the prefectures of Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto and Shiga, the Asahi said, citing local police. Some of the fire extinguishers were stolen from nearby apartment buildings, the report said.

article here

Japanese article (with photo) here

I hope the person or persons responsible for this are caught and brought to justice ASAP.



2 responses

14 12 2009

Odd that it’s all Protestant. According to the Japanese article, there are about 80 Catholic churches in the area that have not been targeted in any of the 56 cases. Surely that’s not an accident. I only hope that no person with a Catholic affiliation is implicated in this.

14 12 2009
Osumashi Kinyobe

I hope that NO ONE would deface any house of worship. The shocking lack of respect is appalling.

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