What (not) to Wear

26 06 2007

From Reuters. Parishioners wearing sleeveless shirts walk past a dress code sign outside a Church in Manila, June 25, 2007.The Catholic Church has issued guidelines on what Filipinos can wear to mass in Manila after some parishioners complained about distracting skimpy attire.
There is the same problem here in Japan especially as the weather gets hotter people dress more casually foreigners and Japanese alike. Older Japanese are dressed nicely, younger Japanese not too bad, and some foreigners look like they just came from the beach. The priest gently scolded the congregation one day but so far no signs have been put up.
Some Japanese women at mass even cover their head with a mantilla I think it’s called. I had never seen that before I came to Japan and these are young looking women too. I had an assumption that if anyone was covering their head at mass it would have been older more conservative women but no there are a handful of young women here who do it. Also when adults are received into the church at the Easter vigil all the women catechumins wear a white mantilla. This leads me think that maybe the women who wear the mantilla at regular Sunday mass may be converts.

First Post

25 06 2007

A little Papal welcome to celebrate my first post on my first blog. I hate windy days but at least no one, that I know of, is capturing my awkward moments on film. I wonder how his zucchetto or skullcap managed to stay on!