Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

28 01 2010

Now here`s a saint that would probably appreciate the new iPad 😀  At any rate I appreciate Thomas for his Eucharistic hymns in particular and am posting  a version of Pange Lingua that I like.  I don’t recall when I first heard of  his hymns but unfortunately it wasnt at church as a child thats for sure.  With that in mind I think its safe for me to say that most people around my age havent heard them either.  I don’t know how many Japanese people know these songs as well because as far as I know they aren’t sung at any Mass I’ve been to.  Ok I will stop typing now so you can listen.

Here are the lyrics.

Speaking of doctors of the church, with the Dominicans and Carmelites tied at three apiece, my Teresa of Avila miniseries arrived in the mail this past Monday when the estimated delivery date was February 10th so that was a really nice surprise and I have watched parts of it every night since.



25 01 2010

Well I met with my spiritual director again and got two books.  One is a collections of letters and essays about St Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein) for lighter reading and the other book could be considered more controversial.  The book is Questions of Life by Nicky Gumbel and is part of something called the Alpha course.  I checked online as to the background etc and found that its value for Catholics is debated.  I am not taking the Alpha course though and am reading it in a certain context and under the guidance of a priest as well as keeping my critical reading hat on at all times.  I am a bit surprised he didn’t give me a Catholic book by saint so and so (patron saint of stuff & things) but I will give this a try and see what happens.

On Order

21 01 2010

The St Teresa of Avila miniseries sold by Amazon 😀  I have a region free dvd pl;ayer btw.

I can’t believe I’ve ordered it.  Even worse I cant believe I watched four parts of it (to see if it was worth ordering) on youtube in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish at all!  How did it come to this?  Well a couple of months ago when my spiritual director told me not to think about the Carmelites, marriage, or that kind of thing but to focus on Christ someone forgot to tell heaven.  Almost daily I listen to the ewtn readings and homily and during the time I was supposed to be focusing on Jesus it seemed like almost every day or two ewtn would quote  Teresa of Avila.  And not just ewtn either but her name and quotes started popping up in other places as well.  These quotes would make me laugh or pause in amazement and I started to wonder about this saint I had previously ignored as being mystically nuts.  I had no idea she was so intelligent and funny.  I then read a comment  someone wrote about what happened to her after her death that it was kind of gross.  At the same time I had also come across a link to the last part (with English subtitles) of the above mentioned miniseries.  Out of morbid curiosity as to what happened to her I watched the final part.  It didn’t show what happened to her after death (the gross part being how she was exhumed and pieces of her cut out to be relics) but I was captivated.  If you have 45 mins to spare that clip is here.

I told my spiritual director about Teresa distracting me when I was supposed to be ignoring her order and he didn’t mind as it turns out he is a big fan of hers too.  Of course that didn’t really surprise me as he is a Spanish Jesuit so we discussed how great she is, and he was pleased to point out all her connections to the Jesuits as well lol.  That was over a month ago though and finally we will meet again on January 25th.

Now That We`re All Dead From Swine Flu…

20 01 2010

Im joking of course as these days everyone says swine what.  No one notices or cares about swine flu anymore, so when are they going to put the holy water back in churches?!?!  I recently learned of  something St Teresa of Avila wrote and it makes me wonder how this all fits together.  Here is what she said: “From long experience I have learned that there is nothing like holy water to put devils to flight and prevent them from coming back again.

They also flee from the cross, but return; so holy water must have great value. For my own part, whenever I take it, my soul feels a particular and most notable consolation.”

Bold mine.  Interesting to say the least and I think it is safe to say that if holy water puts devils to flight then what happens without it?  What is happening to people and churches spiritually who don’t have it?  I don’t have the exact quote but Teresa also said something like the devil enters through small cracks.  I think this absence of holy water since May of 2009 might be a crack or could become one and it must be fixed as soon as possible.

Not in Japan

16 01 2010

I’ve been out of Japan for a month now and have visited my first Carmelite monastery. There’s so much to say because a lot happened so quickly but now I’m able to get back to blogging. I was hoping that by visiting that Carmel I would discern that I didn’t like them but the opposite happened. My focus was just to listen to the Holy Spirit and see what might happen and in the week I spent there a lot happened. I will write more about that later but just wanted to post a quick update.

Cult raided over death of baby boy

15 01 2010

FUKUOKA (Kyodo) Police raided the Fukuoka headquarters of a religious group Thursday over the death of a baby whose parents allegedly caused him to die by withholding medical treatment.

Their 7-month-old son, Yoshihiko, underweight and suffering from eczema, died in October

The parents allegedly only tried to help their son through religious acts of holding their hands over the baby’s body in what the sect calls a “jorei” service to cleanse the soul.

Hideo Takatsuki, 32, became a follower in elementary school, while Kuniko Takatsuki, 30, joined when she was in junior high school.

article here

Yet another crazy cult here.  I dont have an official number but there are quite a few of these small groups around with a lot of them hiding behind a veneer of Buddhism when they really aren’t Buddhist at all.     More often when these groups end up in the news it is because of money issues.  It’s so sad that this time an innocent kid died.

Currently Reading…

11 01 2010

… Mother Angelica: The Remarkable Story of a Nun Her Nerve and a Network of Miracles.

Available from Amazon.

For several years Ive been listening to the daily readings and homily from EWTN on my computer then ipod.  Eventually I started listing to other programs as well but the last one I wanted to hear was Mother Angelica Live.  For no good reason I assumed she was a boring old preachy nun who had nothing interesting to say to me.  Then one day, only a year ago or so, I downloaded her program and listened to it on the train.  Big mistake!  I was sitting there, on a busy train, stifling laughs as I learned Mother Angelica is funny.  From then on I’ve been an avid listener of those reruns and finally decided to buy the book to learn the back story.  If you too are at all interested in Mother Angelica or EWTN I recommend the book.

In the book it is mentioned that they broadcast shortwave radio and tv to Japan however I have been unable to find any mention of EWTN on any satellite packages here.