Young African woman crawls 2.5 miles to attend Sunday Mass

29 08 2008

.- The Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly in Chissano (Mozambique) took into their home this week a 25 year-old African young girl named Olivia, who despite not being baptized at the time and not having any legs, crawled 2.5 miles every Sunday to attend Mass.

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What an example of faith she is and she wasn’t even baptized at the time!! I am in awe because if only everyone who called themselves Catholic had the same devotion to mass the world would be a better, different place.  Her example makes my mass attendance seem so easy.  I have two healthy legs to walk with and it only takes me fifteen minutes to reach the church how can I complain!  Everyone should hear her story and remember it every time they don’t feel like going to Sunday mass.


Buddha statues switched with fakes

28 08 2008

SHIZUOKA–Nine statues of Buddha have been stolen from temples and other places in five cities and towns in Shizuoka Prefecture since late July, with thieves using such methods as replacing them with fakes during the thefts, police said.

The about one-meter tall parqueted statue belongs to the Hozoji temple in the city. It is said to date from the late Muromachi period (1333-1568) and is only shown to the public once every 60 years.

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As a Catholic who can have the body blood soul and divinity of Jesus at mass everyday if I wanted to I am surprised that treasures of Japanese Buddhism are often hidden from public view and even shown only every sixty years in the above case.  I appreciate that the treasure of my faith is so easily accessible.

Homeless in Japan

28 08 2008

This very interesting site talks about a homeless area of Osaka called Kamagasaki.  It will probably take you fifteen minutes to look at each photo and read each caption but it is time well spent.

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The day that I first met my bearded friend (to the left), he walked up to me, and shook my hand. Then in perfect Queens English and with a sharp eye told me “Don’t underestimate me, I may be dressed in rags, but my mind is still sharp, and I haven’t lost my dignity. Now, close your gapping mouth and take a photo of me and my friend”. He was found dead on the street on a cold winter day, a few months after this photo was taken.

Japan`s Abortion Numbers

25 08 2008

Reading stories like this makes me angry. Why? Because throwing money around isn’t going to restore the millions of people killed by abortion in Japan since 1949!! It is hard to find numbers in English on the numbers of abortions so I finally found a chart in Japanese. click here. The left column is the year and next to it is the number of abortions performed that year. The two middle columns I need to get clarified and will update my post when I do so, and the last column is the number of sterilizations performed that year. Total number of children killed by abortion since 1949 36,577,547

The damage has already been done and no amount of government spending can bring those people back now.  At the same time we must offer up our prayers and reparations and beg God`s mercy over this slaughter we, as humans, have committed.  Even though we personally may not have actively participated in having an abortion or aiding someone in having one remember the sin of omission, of doing nothing.  We must not be idle while innocents are being killed we must at least pray for an end to the killing.

Sex, the Olympics, and Showing Your Faith

22 08 2008

After reading this article I think that if it at all reflective of what actually goes on then I actually feel sorry for these athletes who are engaged in such behavior.  What is the point of striving to achieve your physical best but failing to strive for your moral best too?  God will judge each of one of us, even gold medalists, upon our death and it wont mater to Him how many medals you have but how well you did what He asked of you.  Where is the reward if you gain the world but lose your soul?

When I was a child I don’t remember seeing any Olympic athletes wearing a cross or making the sign of the cross.  Of course that doesn’t not mean that didn’t happen its just I never saw it.  I think it would have made a good impression with me if I had seen that as it would have shown me that people I was looking up to for their excellence in sport shared my faith and weren’t ashamed to show it too.  This Olympics I have noticed some athletes wearing crosses and/or crossing themselves and its nice to see athletes who are on the same team as me as well as daring to show their faith to China and the world.

California Supreme Court Rules Doctors Must Provide Treatment That Violates Their Religious Beliefs

20 08 2008

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Although the doctors paid for a referral to other fertility specialists without any objections to performing the procedure, Benitez sued both under California’s civil rights laws.

The Christian Medical Association’s CEO Dr. David Stevens attacked the decision, saying in a press release:

“This case was never about discrimination against patients on the basis of sexual choices; it was about discrimination against healthcare professionals on the basis of their sincerely held ethical standards. The physicians in this case had determined to only provide in-vitro fertilization to married patients. That’s hardly a novel or extreme ethical position.

Feast of the Assumption was it a Holy Day of Obligation Here?

18 08 2008

Do any of my readers know if it was a Holy day of Obligation here?  I thought that the bishops of each country could decide which days would be days of obligation for their own particular country am I wrong?  Growing up in my home country I never recall going to mass on the feast of the Assumption and so had no idea until this year.  I have a religious calendar now that has all the feast days and such.  For the Assumption it says Holy Day of Obligation but since it was printed in another country I wasn’t sure if it applied.  I checked several English speaking church websites to see if they mentioned whether or not it was an obligation and found nothing.  My home parish on the previous Sunday said the mass times for that day but nothing about it being an obligation.  They emphasized that the additional mass was in Vietnamese I think it was and so I thought it was mainly for them and didn’t concern all parishioners.  I even phoned a church to get an answer and the secretary, after putting me on hold to ask someone, came back and said no it wasn’t an obligation.  Thinking the day was optional  I opted not to go.