Japanese Mass Video

17 02 2009

A while ago a reader asked if I knew of any audio or video of mass in Japanese and after searching I could only come up with the following video.  It is a compilation of clips from a mass on the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  One of my goals this year is to record and put up on youtube my own video of the mass I just have to remember to take my camera to church one of these days.




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19 02 2009

Thank you so much for posting this! I love the universality of the faith.

21 02 2009

I like it, too 😉

23 02 2009

A little off-topic, but I could really use some help as I will soon find myself in Tokyo on a Sunday.

Is the Traditional Latin Mass (Tridentine Mass) offered anywhere in the city? I’ve been trying my best to find one I can attend, but apart from an SSPX chapel that offers the TLM on a somewhat irregular basis I’ve come up empty.

Many thanks.

23 02 2009
Viator Catholicus

I would very much appreciate the fruition of your plan to record Masses in Japanese. It will be a great evangelization tool!

25 02 2009

Hi Diego the only Latin mass I am aware of are the ones held by the sspx that you describe. So for convenience`s sake two options to consider are St Ignatius and Franciscan Chapel Center. To help you find your way to anywhere in Tokyo actually try here

1 03 2009

Wow! I found it amazing to watch, even just the bits and pieces of the Mass. Even my grandparents, who don’t understand much English, and absolutely no Japanese, wanted me to rewind the video a few times to watch.

Please do go along with your plan to record a Mass, it would be a very appreciated venture.

2 03 2009

How touching to hear the Song of Fatima…
Thank you.

3 03 2009
Fr. Dismas, OP

Thanks! I had been away for a bit.

4 03 2009
jasmine tea

About the Latin Mass in Tokyo…

It is a big enough city that you’d think you could find such a Mass said in full communion with the Church. Even though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it ought to be spoken about, taught, and offered somewhere, somewhat regularly. Like the sacraments and Eucharistic Adoration, it can only add depth and richness to the life of a parish, and the Church as a whole.

I know there have got to be some old-timers left who remember and love the Old Form. There should also be some young folks who are interested. But it has to be talked about first; people need to know what it is, how it works, and where to go.

So, Tokyo Catholics, you’ve got a lot of people and a lot of resources; I humbly ask that you start talking! 🙂

5 03 2009

I like it, for me, it seems like a mass in Rome, only few people in Japan are Christian (Roman Catholic), but they are strong and dynamic. Otherwise, this country is a peacefull and safe, Christian feel like in Paradise!
I like Japan, I attended many mass in Japan, my first mass was in Nishitakaya-HigashiHiroshima Catholic Church, I never forget this Church…..

15 03 2009

@vee8: Many thanks for the tip. I might attend one of the English masses at the FCC, although St. Ignatius is closer to where I’m staying so I may end up going there.

@jasmine tea: I heartily second your comment. I still fondly remember reading the following line in the Holy Father’s covering letter for the 2007 motu proprio Summorum Pontificum –

“[Y]oung persons too have discovered this liturgical form, felt its attraction and found in it a form of encounter with the Mystery of the Most Holy Eucharist, particularly suited to them.”

I was born well into the pontificate of JPII – of blessed memory – so I never knew the Traditional Mass until Summorum Pontificum liberalised its use. From the moment I started attending the Traditional Mass last year, I’ve become so deeply attached to it that I now attend it almost exclusively (hence my long search for one I could go to while I’m in Tokyo).

Be assured of my prayers for the return of the Traditional Mass to Japan, whose earth is blessed with the blood of so many honoured martyrs.

St. Paul Miki and Companions, pray for us!

18 12 2010
Peter Wadhams

I’d like to say a little word in praise of St Francis’ Church in Oyama (that’s just west of Ikebukuro on the Tobu Line). I worshipped there when I had a sabbatical at a lab nearby. My wife and I were taken in and accepted with enormous love, even though we spoke very little Japanese and they little English. They have a beautiful choir which sings with heartbreaking loveliness. They are the most truly Christian community that we have come across. They have a website if you want to learn how to get there (it’s in the middle of narrow streets, of course)

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