Apostle`s Creed in Japanese

17 09 2008

Several months ago a commenter asked if I could post this as he was studying Japanese and this was one of the prayers he requested.  I took so long in posting it because while the photos are from my mass book the creed that is actually said in mass is different, and I wanted to post the proper creed.  Now I have had a very kind offer from a commenter with translation experience and am hoping they may be able to explain the difference.  Also for easier navigation I have added a prayers in Japanese category


Sign of the Cross in Japanese

25 06 2008

Of course before we pray we should cross ourselves and here it is in Japanese.

Chichi to Ko to Seirei no mina ni yotte.

Chichi is father, ko is son,  seirei is holy spirit, and mina ni yotte is in the name of.

Video – Our Father in Japanese

4 03 2008

I found the Lord`s Prayer主の祈り  in Japanese on you tube for anyone who is interested in how it sounds/ learning it.

Our Father in Japanese

23 10 2007

Shu no Inori

Ten ni orareru watashi-tachi no Chichi yo,

minna ga sei tosaremasu yo ni.

Mi kuni ga kimasu yo ni.

Mi kokoro ga ten ni okona wareru tori chi ni mo okonawaremasu yo ni.

Watashitachi no hi goto no kate o kyo mo oatae kudasai.

Watashitachi no tsumi o yurushi kudasai.

Watashitachi mo hito o yurushimasu.

Watashitachi o yuwaku ni ochi irasezu, aku kara o sukui kudasai.



Hail Mary in Japanese

23 10 2007

Seibo Maria e no Inori

Megumi afureru sei Maria, Shu wa anatatachi to tomo ni oraremasu.

Shu wa anata o erabi, shukufukushi, anata no ko Iesu mo shukufuku saremashita.

Kami no Haha, sei Maria, tsumifukai watashitachi no tameni,

ima mo, shi o mukaeru toki mo inotte kudasai.


今も、死を迎える時も祈って下さい。 アーメン。