Dedication of the Lateran Basilica Rome

9 11 2008

As my calendar says today commemorates the dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome I thought I would post some photos I took when I was there in May 2008.  For those who dont know the church of St John Lateran is the cathedral of Rome not St Peter`s.   wikipedia article

Yes the exterior looks a bit like St Peter`s.

A Papal throne.

At the end of mass.

The very ornate ceiling.

One of the many side chapels.

Sorry for the poor photo quality however it does give a sense of the church`s size.

A 5 min video I found.  Neither my photos nor the video do this beautiful church justice.


Stick Jesus

12 08 2008

Looks like an ordinary group photo right? Look closer at the crucifix.

Why do we mock ourselves? Im wondering if in the past 2000 years the average Catholic church would have ever had such a thing since it looks like a mockery. Oddly enough it looks like they have the tabernacle right in the middle under the cross not off to the side as is the norm these days. Photo from this website

I should also mention you never see a modern art Buddha or Shinto deity here.  If anyone knows of such a thing let me know because right now Im convinced only us Catholics in particular have distorted our religion so much.

Our Lady of Imari Abbey

7 08 2008

There are secluded monasteries and convents in Japan.  None of which have I ever been to due to the fact that they are in the middle of nowhere.  I have however seen the products they produce in religious shops and even the grocery store where I have found Trappist butter.


is a link to Our Lady of Imari Abbey in Saga prefecture.  The site is in Japanese but easy to explore and the photos are self explanatory.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

6 08 2008

Since my religious calendar says that August 5 th is a feast day of the dedication of the Basilica of St Mary Major I thought I would post a video I found on you tube and a couple of photos I took when I was there in May. The photos and video dont do the church justice though and you should just go and see for yourself 😀

St Peter`s

9 06 2008

Divine Mercy in Rome

29 05 2008

One morning in Rome walking in the area just south west of the Vatican I couldn’t help but notice this church Santo Spirito in Sassia wikipeida article with a huge poster of St. Faustina on it.  Seeing her picture I knew I had to go in.   Click on the photos to enlarge although some don’t for reasons I’m not sure of.

On the right hand side of the aisle there was this popular chapel. It was a special treat for me as someone who has been saying the chaplet for almost one year. After having visited many churches in Paris and Rome on this trip and having looked at many side chapels it was sort of like seeing a good friend in an unexpected place to come across this one. It was a beautiful moment for me to light a candle and pray a litle here. I felt hugged.

On the left side of the church was this chapel with two very familiar faces; Pope John Paul II and Our Lady of Fatima.

Back outside the church looking left.

The Pieta

27 05 2008


My raw unedited photo of the Pieta in St Peters.  How did I feel to see it in person?   I was completely awestruck by St Peter`s basilica on many levels such as spiritual, art, and architecture, and to see the Pieta just added to that.