Divine Mercy in Rome

29 05 2008

One morning in Rome walking in the area just south west of the Vatican I couldn’t help but notice this church Santo Spirito in Sassia wikipeida article with a huge poster of St. Faustina on it.  Seeing her picture I knew I had to go in.   Click on the photos to enlarge although some don’t for reasons I’m not sure of.

On the right hand side of the aisle there was this popular chapel. It was a special treat for me as someone who has been saying the chaplet for almost one year. After having visited many churches in Paris and Rome on this trip and having looked at many side chapels it was sort of like seeing a good friend in an unexpected place to come across this one. It was a beautiful moment for me to light a candle and pray a litle here. I felt hugged.

On the left side of the church was this chapel with two very familiar faces; Pope John Paul II and Our Lady of Fatima.

Back outside the church looking left.


Sketching Mary

27 05 2008

This photo was taken after mass by my brother in 2005 while we were sightseeing in Yamanashi prefecture.  I haven`t been back to the church since but I hope they found a nicer place for the statue than the utility area!

The Pieta

27 05 2008


My raw unedited photo of the Pieta in St Peters.  How did I feel to see it in person?   I was completely awestruck by St Peter`s basilica on many levels such as spiritual, art, and architecture, and to see the Pieta just added to that. 

What is Going on in Sendai?

26 05 2008

This story on the CBCJ site caught my attention for its what the heck factor.

The number of parishes and districts in Sendai that are implementing “collaborative evangelization” is increasing.


This collaborative evangelization seems to favor replacing the homily with a lay person giving a speech or faith sharing groups. That sets off warning bells in my mind since replacing the homily or anyone giving the homily besides the priest is a liturgical abuse. I don`t know what else collaborative evangelization entails but I hope it stays far away from my diocese if they are going to be messing with the homily.

Because of the story I was digging through the diocese of Sendai`s website and came across these photos form an international mass they had in 2004. It seems the dancing and such came after the mass but still is it really necessary to do that in the sanctuary?


This is the cathedral it took place at. It looks like a sterile operating room with a surf board for a operating table to me not a house of the Lord. Most troubling of all is I don`t see any obvious crucifix.


Here is a church in the diocese that looks like it has not been wreckovated.


Genzo Mizuno

23 05 2008

The previous post with the story from the CBCJ site gave me the name of the late poet Mr. Genzo Mizuno 水野 源三 who due to a childhood illness was left paralyzed and wrote his poems by blinking!  A quick google of his name will lead you to the same sites I found.  It seems he was not Catholic but is simply described as Christian which is fine because I have no problem including remarkable Protestants on here too.

I found a page in Japanese with a photo of he and his Mom at the top


Sharing Hospital Room with Nun Leads Woman to Faith

23 05 2008

Finally the CBCJ site has been updated and with the update comes this story.

“Four years ago, Sr. Emiko Hiraoka, 56, not a Catholic at the time, was admitted to the university hospital in Geno to be treated for cancer. She was assigned the same room as Sr. Fumiko Koyama, who had a similar condition…”


Japanese Bishops Versus the Neocatechumenal Way

19 05 2008

I had read about the NW over on CathCon http://cathcon.blogspot.com/search/label/Neo-Catechumenal%20Way but didn’t know they were a problem here until I read this


The results came very quickly and the NW will be shut down.  Let`s pray they stay shut down here.