‘Bombed Mary’ to visit Guernica, Vatican with Nagasaki priests

3 11 2009



NAGASAKI, Oct. 28 (AP) – (Kyodo)—Priests of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nagasaki will take the “bombed Mary,” a statue damaged in the wartime U.S. atomic bombing of the city, on a pilgrimage to Guernica, Spain, and the Vatican next year, archbishop Mitsuaki Takami said Wednesday.

It will be the third overseas trip for the roughly 26-centimeter-high scorched wooden head of a Virgin Mary statue found in the ruins of Urakami Cathedral, about 500 meters from ground zero, following trips to the Vatican in 1985 and Belarus in 2000.

During the tour from April 20 to May 1, the group, including regular followers, will attend a mass and a ceremony to commemorate victims of the 1937 carpet bombing of Guernica by German forces and have an audience in the Vatican with Pope Benedict XVI, he said.

“We should never repeat such a cruel war and hope to call for peace from the nonviolent standpoint,” Takami said in a press conference in Nagasaki.




One response

21 11 2009
Osumashi Kinyobe

I have seen the statues in front of Urakami Cathedral and it still stuns me to this day.
That is definitely a sign.

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