Old Article from Time Magazine

30 06 2008

Monday, Apr. 21, 1941


Japan is sending its No. 1 churchman, Bishop Yoshimune Abe, and its No. 1 Christian, trachoma-cured Toyohiko Kagawa, to a peace parley with U.S. church leaders at Riverside, Calif, next week. Its purpose as stated by the Japanese: “Prayer and to explore ways to preserve peace between Japan and the United States.

The part of the article I was interested in in particular was the last paragraph.

Two subjects not likely to be aired are Bishop Abe’s practice of worshiping at the Shinto Shrine at Ise and the decision of the Government-inspired church union to modify the Apostles’ Creed as suggested by the Ministry of Education. Some of the deletions: the Virgin Birth because it was “immoral,” the Resurrection because it was “unscientific and superstitious,” the Last Judgment because it implied that the Emperor could be judged.


St. Francis Xavier: Letter from Japan, to the Society of Jesus in Europe, 1552

30 06 2008


New Vancouver School Policy: Parents Refused Right to Pull Kids from Pro-Homosexual Lessons

26 06 2008

This is an outrage.  How long before this spreads across Canada and how long before people are jailed for their religious beliefs?


VANCOUVER, B.C., June 25, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The Vancouver school board has announced that it intends to enforce the B.C. Ministry of Education’s policy that forbids parents from removing their children from the classroom during pro-homosexual discussions.

The province of British Columbia has been subjecting its curriculum to a complete revamp in the last several years, largely under the supervision of a homosexual “married” couple, Murray and Peter Corren.

One aspect of the new curriculum that the Correns insisted on was a stipulation that B.C. parents could not choose to remove their children from the classroom during discussions on homosexuality – a stipulation that, in the end, the B.C. Ministry of Education agreed to.

Pope Returns to Traditional way of Distributing Communion

26 06 2008


Benedict’s master of liturgical ceremonies said in an interview Wednesday in the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano that the pontiff will place the Communion host in the mouths of the faithful who kneel before him.

Wow!  This plus the recent news about the Holy Father wanting the Latin rite mass, or as he puts it the Gregorian rite, to be in every parish not just in England but the world what can I say except bring on the incense!


Sign of the Cross in Japanese

25 06 2008

Of course before we pray we should cross ourselves and here it is in Japanese.

Chichi to Ko to Seirei no mina ni yotte.

Chichi is father, ko is son,  seirei is holy spirit, and mina ni yotte is in the name of.

Our Father in Japanese 2

24 06 2008

This is in reply to a comment by Marco about another translation of the Our Father he found.  Sorry for the late reply on it but I waited until I had attended two Sunday mass to be certain what was said.  Now I can say for certain the prayer I posted is the Catholic Lord`s Prayer said at mass.  The prayer on the link you gave seems to be in an older style of Japanese, and has the Protestant ending.  The other prayers you requested I will get to work on posting in romaji.

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Padre Vic Goes to Japan

24 06 2008


Hope the rain stays away for you father.