Pope`s Brother Tells All

30 09 2008

Sorry for the tabloid style headline however Georg Ratzinger does share some wonderful comments about his brother Benedict in this article

An excerpt.

During the interview in Ratisbona, Germany, Msgr. Ratzinger said his brother was “a lively child, but not an earthquake. I remember him as always being joyful.  From the time he was a child he showed a great sensitivity to animals, flowers and in general to all nature. Perhaps that’s why he was always given pets as Christmas gifts.  His care for nature and for living beings was characteristic of him.”

Msgr. Ratzinger said he was “disappointed” when his brother was elected Pope, because “this meant we would have to significantly reconfigure our relationship,” because they would not be able to see each other much.  “In any case, after the human decision of the cardinals, this is the will of God and we must say yes to it.”

Later Msgr. Georg said, “Some years ago my brother told me, ‘Benedict would be a good name for a new Pope.’ Now he doesn’t remember having said it, but I very much do.”


Feast Day of Sts Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

29 09 2008

Since this is a feast day for angels I have posted two of my photos from the most angel filled city Ive ever been to.  Rome.  The Pont San Angelo angels each hold an instrument of Christ`s passion such as the crown of thorns pictured above.  The large building is Castel San Angelo with St Michael on top.

Article on the three angels we remember in particular this day.

To mark the day the Pope said

Although angels are not visible, their presence “brings us great help and consolation: they walk at our side and protect us in all circumstances, they defend us from danger, and to them we can turn at any moment,” Benedict XVI explained.

article here

Convenience Stores a Safe Haven?!

28 09 2008

Where I am from convenience stores at night time are though of as a likely target for robberies, however in Japan it seems they are a refuge for people in need of immediate help.  This is news because of the following

Convenience stores are promoting themselves as a vital community presence amid moves by some local government officials to curb their midnight operations to help combat global warming.

And how stores have helped people.

Convenience stores provide a refuge for lost children or women seeking to escape stalkers, in addition to being places where consumers can shop at any hour, according to the association.

More than 13,000 cases of women finding refuge in convenience stores across the country were reported during fiscal 2007. Nearly half of them occurred after 11 p.m. and about 40 percent were due to stalkers and molesters, the association said.


In addition, there were 6,000 cases of lost children requiring assistance and 12,000 cases of elderly people found wandering the streets alone.

full article here

Pro-government mob attacks Catholic demonstrators in Hanoi

26 09 2008

Since the Communist Vietnamese are trying to keep this story quite I will do my part in spreading it as far as possible.

.- Hundreds of Catholic protesters seeking the return of a former papal nunciature confiscated by the communist government were attacked on Thursday afternoon in a confrontation with youths, military veterans, and members of other communist associations.

The pro-government gang chased protesters from the area and then gathered at the gate of the Archbishop of Hanoi’s office, yelling communist slogans and calling for the head of the archbishop, whom they accused of treason.

For the rest of the article which I highly recommend click here

St. Lawrence Ruiz and Companions

24 09 2008


At that time three Dominican priests, Antonio Gonzalez, Guillermo Courtet and Miguel de Aozaraza, were about to sail to Japan in spite of a violent persecution there. With them was a Japanese priest, Vicente Shiwozuka de la Cruz, and a layman named Lazaro, a leper. Lorenzo, having taken asylum with them, was allowed to accompany them. But only when they were at sea did he learn that they were going to Japan.

They were subjected to an unspeakable kind of torture: After huge quantities of water were forced down their throats, they were made to lie down. Long boards were placed on their stomachs and guards then stepped on the ends of the boards, forcing the water to spurt violently from mouth, nose and ears.

The superior, Antonio, died after some days. Both the Japanese priest and Lazaro broke under torture, which included the insertion of bamboo needles under their fingernails. But both were brought back to courage by their companions.

In Lorenzo’s moment of crisis, he asked the interpreter, “I would like to know if, by apostatizing, they will spare my life.” The interpreter was noncommittal, but Lorenzo, in the ensuing hours, felt his faith grow strong. He became bold, even audacious, with his interrogators.

The five were put to death by being hanged upside down in pits. Boards fitted with semicircular holes were fitted around their waists and stones put on top to increase the pressure. They were tightly bound, to slow circulation and prevent a speedy death. They were allowed to hang for three days. By that time Lorenzo and Lazaro were dead. The three Dominican priests, still alive, were beheaded.

More Things a Catholic Prime Minister Should Do

24 09 2008

Stop helping Planned Parenthood!

At this juncture the Government of Japan is pleased to help the Dominica Planned Parenthood Association in obtaining its goals and missions and hopes that this would further strengthen the relationship of goodwill and mutual respect between Japan and the Government of Dominica.

article here

Get rid of this kind of NGO


Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning

Domestic Activities

Implementing works for UNFPA in Japan. Acting as the Tokyo liaison office for IPPF

And get rid of the Japan Family Planning Association the Japan arm of Planned Parenthood.


Vietnamese gang ransacks Catholic chapel as police stand by

23 09 2008

If you follow Catholic and non Catholic news sources you are likely aware of the confrontation taking place in Vietnam.  If you are not aware let this article be your introduction to a story that must not be silenced.

full article

.- The simmering property disputes between the Catholic Church and the Vietnamese government were again aggravated on Sunday when a Hanoi official accused the Archbishop of Hanoi of inciting riots, making false allegations against the government, ridiculing the law, and disrespecting the nation.

Meanwhile late Sunday night, a street gang made a second attack upon a chapel at Thai Ha Church with no interference from nearby police. In what one priest called a “sort of terrorism” against the Catholic faithful, the gang ransacked the building, destroying statues and books while shouting threats against the lives of clergy and religious, Catholic faithful, and the Archbishop of Hanoi.