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11 01 2010

… Mother Angelica: The Remarkable Story of a Nun Her Nerve and a Network of Miracles.

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For several years Ive been listening to the daily readings and homily from EWTN on my computer then ipod.  Eventually I started listing to other programs as well but the last one I wanted to hear was Mother Angelica Live.  For no good reason I assumed she was a boring old preachy nun who had nothing interesting to say to me.  Then one day, only a year ago or so, I downloaded her program and listened to it on the train.  Big mistake!  I was sitting there, on a busy train, stifling laughs as I learned Mother Angelica is funny.  From then on I’ve been an avid listener of those reruns and finally decided to buy the book to learn the back story.  If you too are at all interested in Mother Angelica or EWTN I recommend the book.

In the book it is mentioned that they broadcast shortwave radio and tv to Japan however I have been unable to find any mention of EWTN on any satellite packages here.