Papal pets

28 08 2007

I am out of the loop I guess because I just saw this article.


Vatican Air

28 08 2007

  The Curt Jester has  a funny post about the kind of service one might get if the Vatican had its own airline.  Frequent Friar Miles ha!

Pope gets Kimono

23 08 2007


Found this on American Papists blog

Pope Benedict XVI meets members of a Japanese kimono culture association after his weekly general audience at the Vatican August 22, 2007.  I cant wait to see the photos if he meets with a club such as the Katana Cultural Association (if it exists) 😀 

A Day in the life of the Pope

22 08 2007

It is in German, I think, but an intersting glimpse nonetheless into some of the Pope’s private life.  I’m pretty sure his flat panel tv at the end is Japanese, and check out the dinnerware with his insignia.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Yamate Yokohama

18 08 2007

Another church in another port city this time Yokohama. I don’t travel that much I’m just digging through past photos. Yamate is where many of the foreigners who came to Yokohama after the port opened in 1859 lived. For a bit more on Yamate

and for more on the history of Yokohama the first few paragraphs at least are worth the time

since many of Japan’s modern firsts happened there.

More photos from the church here on their website and their main site is

The Brother of the Pope

17 08 2007

Came across this  B16’s older brother Msgr. Georg Ratzinger has penned a book titled The Brother of the Pope.  Unfortunately the link above is all I can seem to find about the book but it sounds like an interesting read.  I know that while he was still a Cardinal B16 wrote his memoirs however it doesn’t seem that compelling to me since only goes up to 1977 and misses all the fun after.  see

Brother Zeno

16 08 2007

When I was reading about St. Maximillian Kolbe I came across a Franciscan named Brother Zenon Zebrowski and was amazed by his life.  He arrived with St Kolbe and worked in Japan through the war and well on after until his death.  His efforts even earned him a medal presented to him by the Emperor, this really impressed my Japanese friend I mentioned this to as it is no small honor, and even a visit from Pope John Paul II when he came to Japan.

This is a wonderful article about Brother Zeno, as he was affectionately called, that is well worth the read.  It isn’t too long plus it has pictures.

And if you want more along the same lines with the basic history of Franciscans in Japan (and of course photos) see

Franciscans you guys are amazing.