4 10 2007

The Eternal Word Television Network where would I be without them?  Probably not a practising Catholic.  Through them God has done so much for me.  Through their daily mass readings and homily, which I listen to on my ipod on the train, I have learned so much.  Yes I go to mass however it is in Japanese most of the time but my language skills aren’t that great and I don’t catch everything, so to listen to the homily in particular has been a tremendous help to me.

Aside from the daily readings and homily another program I enjoy is the Journey Home.  Being a cradle Catholic I was really interested in how people from other faiths ended up Catholic and some stories have been truly amazing to me.  Fr Don Calloway’s story in particular but also the episode with Joy Pinto (great storey teller and laugh out loud funny,) the show with Paul Williams (British former Buddhist great explanation of Catholicism and his former school of Buddhism,) and the show with John Pridmore.  Pridmore who is an ex gangster in London really influenced me to say the chaplet of Divine Mercy and I do every day if I can.  There are other episodes I enjoyed too but these are the ones that pop into my mind first, oh and the show with Capt. Guy Gruters a marine who was a POW in Vietnam.  All of these interviews can be found by searching in EWTN’s audio library. 

 I was rarely going to mass in Japan for a while until I heard several homilies on EWTN saying go to confession, go to mass, and eventually it got through to me and I went to confession, went to mass and my life has been so much better.  When I wasn’t going to mass Japan was a lot harder to deal with.  Things would bother me more, and I would feel more anger at people and so on.  Once I went to confession and attended mas every Sunday things became so much better.  If people upset and annoy me I now just pray for them instead of things eating me up inside.  I figure most people in this country have never had anyone pray for them too so I hope my tiny prayers do something good for them.  So thank you God for using EWTN to nag me it really helped.




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