Random Picture Post

4 02 2010

from here.  Its someone`s travel pic.  Aside from the athletic footwear all the Sisters I see in Japan dress in that style of habit with the veil basically as seen below.

from here its a news site.

from here a site with lots of old school nun pics from around the world.  I think the Poor Clares here dress in the traditional habit but they`re cloistered so I’ve never actually seen anyone dressed like that.  This photo also reminds me that I saw a young women wearing a kimono (not a wedding one like in the pic) at mass and she also had on a veil like in the photos below.

from here a pro photo site.  Caption on site says taken in Kyoto

RCIA people in Tokyo.  Not my photo.  I like to say the closer one gets to Nagasaki the more you`ll see women  wearing a veil.  Will these women keep wearing it after that special day in the photo its hard to say but people think it`s fine either way.

To be continued…



2 responses

4 02 2010
Anthony OPL

I was in Nagasaki this weekend, and it is true that the great majority of women and girls were veiled. There were a few here and there, of all ages, who went without.

Get this though – Urakami cathedral still has holy water. Apparently it’s supposed to be the entire archdiocese, though when attending Mass at the famous Oura church there was plastic wrap and a big sign over all the fonts about “new-type influenza”.

6 02 2010

Plastic wrap?! Sheesh.

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