Travelling With the Saints

1 02 2010

Shinjuku – not my photo

Since October when I said that novena then suddenly couldnt avoid St Therese as her image, statue, and quotes started popping up everywhere becoming unavoidably annoying to me (in a good way) I said to her fine if you wont leave me alone you can come with me everywhere and any other saints that want to too.  Im sure Teresa of Avila accepted the invitation as it was after that that she started to get my attention as well.  So now everyday I say let’s go guys when I go out and as crazy as it sounds its like a saint or saints are there.  Just as our guardian angels are with us all the time even though we aren’t aware of it I’m guessing people have saints with them too although maybe not 24/7 like our angel but still there part of the time.

Something I’ve been doing for at least a year or two now is praying for everyone around me, everyone I see, people who irritate me and so on and I ask any saints that want to be out with me to pray too.  It’s probably their inspiration not mine that we do that anyway but thats what I do.  I don’t pray all the people I see become Catholic but simply that God`s will be done in their lives.




3 responses

4 02 2010

Very cool site. More pictures!

4 02 2010

Thanks and ok.

10 02 2010

God Bless You…you are a gentle source of inspiration that I love to check in on time to time …

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