On Order

21 01 2010

The St Teresa of Avila miniseries sold by Amazon 😀  I have a region free dvd pl;ayer btw.

I can’t believe I’ve ordered it.  Even worse I cant believe I watched four parts of it (to see if it was worth ordering) on youtube in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish at all!  How did it come to this?  Well a couple of months ago when my spiritual director told me not to think about the Carmelites, marriage, or that kind of thing but to focus on Christ someone forgot to tell heaven.  Almost daily I listen to the ewtn readings and homily and during the time I was supposed to be focusing on Jesus it seemed like almost every day or two ewtn would quote  Teresa of Avila.  And not just ewtn either but her name and quotes started popping up in other places as well.  These quotes would make me laugh or pause in amazement and I started to wonder about this saint I had previously ignored as being mystically nuts.  I had no idea she was so intelligent and funny.  I then read a comment  someone wrote about what happened to her after her death that it was kind of gross.  At the same time I had also come across a link to the last part (with English subtitles) of the above mentioned miniseries.  Out of morbid curiosity as to what happened to her I watched the final part.  It didn’t show what happened to her after death (the gross part being how she was exhumed and pieces of her cut out to be relics) but I was captivated.  If you have 45 mins to spare that clip is here.

I told my spiritual director about Teresa distracting me when I was supposed to be ignoring her order and he didn’t mind as it turns out he is a big fan of hers too.  Of course that didn’t really surprise me as he is a Spanish Jesuit so we discussed how great she is, and he was pleased to point out all her connections to the Jesuits as well lol.  That was over a month ago though and finally we will meet again on January 25th.




3 responses

21 01 2010
Anthony OPL

Fr M. M. from Kamakura? I wanted to send you a message directly, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do that except publicly on the blog. =/

23 01 2010
Kate J in MN

I have seen this (with subtitles) and was captivated by it. Then I started paying more attention to her writings.

9 02 2010
Michael Yoder

I agree with Kate J., I bought it for a present for my son so that I could watch it and loved it. St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila are two of my favorites. God bless.

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