Merry Christmas!

24 12 2009

The Nativity by Caravaggio with St Francis present.

A very blessed and merry Christmas to everyone!   When I think back to last Christmas and all that has happened in the past year I am amazed  and wonder what the next year will hold.

More immediately I wonder what books my spiritual director is going to lend me because at our last meeting he said to come back in two weeks and he will lend me some books, so sometime next week I will go and see what he has picked out.  I love to read so it will be a kind of late Christmas present.  As for confirmation he meant more  in terms of lasting peace and joy and not necessarily signs and wonders, so I’m trying to get over the current feelings of fear and doubt to see where there might be peace and joy.  I really love St Ignatius` spiritual exercises for making things clear and pointing me in the right direction.  For those who are unfamiliar with them this article is very helpful and gives you a taste of what the exercises are like.   Even doing a bit of them is a great way to prepare one`s heart for Christ in this season and is a great gift to yourself and even more so to Christ.




2 responses

24 12 2009

A jouyful Christmas to you, vee, and to your dear ones.

24 12 2009

Thank you very much, Merry Christmas to you too.

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