Another Ave Maria Commercial

5 11 2009

Every few months an ad comes on tv that uses Ave Maria as a soundtrack.  This time it’s for cosmetics maker Pola

see commercial here

It is the one at the top of the page.




4 responses

5 11 2009
Anthony OPL

Urgh. They mangled it with a drumkit.

I was actually at karaoke with friends the other night (don’t tell anyone) and tried to sing this, they “WOW!”d at the first two words, then it suddenly switched to Japanese and I was lost. I had to just cancel the track, because the Japanese text was throwing me off and I couldn’t sing over it in Latin. =(

6 11 2009
Jasmine Tea

This makes me cringe. For some reason. It may be the drums mentioned above! But it’s also because the song (humility, prayerfulness) and the advertisement (vanity, worldliness) are so at odds, and the typical Japanese audience wouldn’t even realize it.

6 11 2009
Anthony OPL

Take heart! A typical Western audience wouldn’t realise either.

11 11 2009

lol ok Im not telling 😀

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