Pope Given Catholic Encyclopedia in Japanese

27 09 2009

It took thirty years to make and is around 6000 pages long.  Here are two short articles each with different info on the endeavour.

article 1

article 2




2 responses

28 09 2009

Very cool! I would love to get my hands on a copy. I did a basic internet search on Amazon and San Paolo’s website to see if I could find the set, but I didn’t find anything. Do you know offhand what the Japanese title is?

Either way, I do very much hope that the Japanese Church’s sense of identity with the Universal Church grows. I am definitely not an expert on this, but my sense is that the CBCJ feels the need to emphasize the local, regional, and even racial aspects of Christianity to a degree which sometimes detracts from its unity with the global Church. The feeling is, Japanese people are Japanese and must have a unique brand of Catholicism, and that furthermore the Japanese Church has something to teach the world. Both statements are almost certainly true, but they almost seem to get emphasized to the point that it sets up a tension that doesn’t need to exist.

Japan IS a different country, of course. And the message of the Church needs to be presented in a way that is compelling to the local audience. But sometimes that is interpreted to mean, in a way that is COMFORTABLE to the local audience. I think that’s a mistake, because the real content of the Faith ought, rather, to be uncomfortable for all of us.

So if this helps support ties and dialog between Tokyo and Rome, it will be a very good thing indeed.

29 09 2009

I found three older editions on Amazon.co.jp but the newest doesnt seem to be out yet. I really hope the newest edition costs less than 26 000 yen too!

Well said comment I completely agree with you about the CBCJ and the real content of faith being uncomfortable. I think that there may be some kind of rift or power struggle going on among the bishops though or at least that seemed to be the case when I was reading about the publication problems they had with the Catechism of the Catholic church in Japanese. I am reading a book right now seems to have more examples of this division. I will talk about the book in a new post.

On the second point I agree as well. Nothing should be watered down or edited because it makes people uncomfortable. In the Gospel of John when Jesus said His flesh was real food and His blood was real drink it made a lot of followers uncomfortable and they left. Jesus didnt try to coax them back or say they misunderstood Him. We have to pray for our enemies and those who have hurt us which is definitely not comfortable either.

Like you said though it will be a very good thing if ties between Rome and Japan become closer.

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