Swine Flu Measures Update

16 09 2009

Back in May when the Swine Flu scare started many churches in Japan, under orders from their diocese, took certain steps that they thought would help prevent the spread of the flu, or at least make people feel like some action was being taken. Steps such as no more holy water in the fonts, and to not receive the Eucharist on the tongue. Much to my dismay these measures are STILL in effect even though recent news says the flu is not expected to mutate, and is no worse the the ordinary seasonal flu. I do have my own bottle of holy water now though.




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17 09 2009

Looks like this is not just a local phenomenon:


I don’t really know what to think about this. On the one hand, I think that practical measures to limit the spread of contagions is probably not a bad thing. On the other, I think there’s a point at which it becomes so obsessive and cowardly that it’s not worthy of churches and the Mass.

I much prefer reception of the Sacrament on the tongue, myself, though of course I accept the judgment of the Church on distribution to the hand. But if it should come to the point of having people go up and take the Host themselves, or some such thing, that would make me step back a moment. So far it doesn’t sound like it’s come quite to that, but still I’m wary of the whole attitude.

4 10 2009

Still happening in Singapore as well unfortunately. In HK they still seem to be using self-intinction which I thought was banned by the General Instruction.

4 10 2009

Thats too bad. Im pretty sure self intiction is banned too. I remember looking it up a couple of years ago because my parish does that on Holy Thursday.

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