Religion couple’s common ground

14 07 2009
Staff writer

Zuzana Koike, a 29-year-old Austrian national of Slovak extraction, never thought she would even visit Japan before meeting and marrying Takeshi Koike, 38, a lecturer at Daito Bunka University in Tokyo.

The two met in 2000 at a gathering of the Catholic Students’ Union at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where Zuzana was an undergraduate student and Takeshi was engaged in postgraduate linguistics study. Zuzana grew up in a Catholic family, while Takeshi, inspired by Mother Teresa, was baptized after finishing college in Japan.

Full article here

Despite  the title religion is not a common theme throughout the interview so I was disappointed.  Aside from a brief mention in the above excerpt, and stating that they had a church wedding no deeper questions were asked about religion in their lives.    Do they even go to church on Sunday?  Did they have their children baptized?  Basically if they are practising Catholics how are the in laws dealing with that?  But the interviewer doesn’t ask and instead barely avoids asking the wife if she can use chopsticks and eat natto.




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15 07 2009
jasmine tea

Hey, I know this couple!! 😀 I met them at church when I was a student in Tokyo. They are really wonderful, and yes, they do go to Mass on Sundays, too.

17 07 2009

Sugoi! Its a small world sometimes huh. Its fantastic that they are practicing their faith Im just disappointed the interview never mentioned that. Oh well.

17 07 2009

I guess I would expect a convert to the faith to be practicing, but I agree that it would be interesting to learn more about that aspect of things in the interview. Of course, I recently married a (non-Christian) Japanese woman, so this sort of thing hits close to home for me.

Have a great vacation! –But don’t forget to come back and keep up your blogging work!

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