Pope Invited to South Korea

10 07 2009

I am still waiting to hear of any official invitation by Prime Minister Aso to His Holiness to visit Japan.  In the meantime South Korea has made the offer and the official Vatican reply was that the Pope will visit “at an appropriate date.’

ROME ― Pope Benedict XVI will visit South Korea “at an appropriate date” to encourage Catholic churches and praise their efforts to protect the rights of the underprivileged, a presidential spokesman said Thursday.

During a courtesy call on the Pope in the Vatican, President Lee Myung-bak invited him to visit South Korea. The Pope accepted the invitation, saying he will visit Seoul at an appropriate time, the spokesman said.


It seems likely then that the Pope could visit both countries but if for some reason he didn’t come here and only went to Korea I`ll still go see him.

Here is a short video of their meeting and of the South Korean first lady`s break with Vatican protocol.  This article says that white is to be worn by Catholic queens and all other women must wear black.




One response

7 08 2009

There is also talk of the Pope visiting Vietnam, it was one of Pope John Paul’s unfilled dream to visit Vietnam. So perhaps it may be an Asian Tour if Pope Benedict visits Asia

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