Prime Minister Aso Meets with Pope Benedict

7 07 2009

The first articles and images are starting to come out so I will keep this post updated as more info becomes available.  No papal visit announcement so far.  This article in English pretty much sums up all that is being reported right now in the Japanese articles.


camPM Aso gave the Pope a video camera.

plc0907072330013-p2above two photos from here

Updated to add this Japanese news video link here

Updated to add the following reuters photos

Updated to add the possible make and model of the video camera.  CNet and Sony Insider claim its a Sony HDR-XR500V HandyCam.   Link Just in case you want to go to Yodobashi camera and see the camera for yourself.

Updated to add the following video (in English)  about their meeting and the gifts.

www.reuters.comIn the Pope`s private library.

www.reuters.com2The Pope presented Taro Aso with a pen.

www.reuters.com3In the Pope`s private library.

www.reuters.com4According to one article PM Aso did not kiss the Pope`s ring.




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