Tadpole Plague

17 06 2009

Adding to a growing mystery over the nationwide spotting of dead tadpoles on ground distinct from their habitats, a woman in Miyagi Prefecture has witnessed them falling from the sky, local officials and residents said Wednesday.

Since more than 100 dead tadpoles were found earlier this month in Ishikawa Prefecture, followed by similar phenomena in Shizuoka, Hiroshima and Iwate prefectures, the cause has remained unknown and people have speculated they might have fallen from the sky after being sucked up by waterspouts or carried by birds.

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All I can say is if the rivers turn to blood and all the livestock dies Im leaving! Im not waiting for the hail mixed with fire to fall.




4 responses

17 06 2009

This is a very interesting post – mmmm… tadpoles falling from the sky?
I wonder if that ever occurred in New Jersey ?

18 06 2009
jasmine tea

Amen to that!

Did they refill the holy water fonts yet?

18 06 2009

Nope still empty 😦

18 06 2009

Maybe it happened in New Jersey and the tadpoles were frozen in the hail, in a kind of plague two for one, and no one noticed?

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