Still no Holy Water

1 06 2009

As some readers may recall I attend mass at two parishes depending on which is more convenient for me at the time.  One is closer to where I live and the other, St Ignatius, is closer to work.  Both churches still have no holy water because some people panicked over swine flu fears and took it out even though the threat and panic have finally ended.  Next time they do this (hopefully there never is a next time) I wonder if they could put out some holy hand sanitizer instead?  I know its unheard of and I don’t know if it is allowed but having blessed sanitizer would be better than having no sacramentals at all.  Better yet I should have my own holy water so when the Henny Penny people go nuts again I`m ready.

For an explanation of sacramentals see the Catechism here




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1 06 2009
jasmine tea

Haha… I don’t think holy hand sanitizer would fly, but you’re right about the “Henny Penny” people. I was frantically asked to look up headlines about the flu in the US when the commotion there had long since died down, and there weren’t any headlines left. 😀

1 06 2009

If you can find a place with holy water, you could always scoop some up in a little container (like an eye-dropper bottle) and use it to bless yourself whenever you enter and exit a church.

4 06 2009

At least the commotion has died down around here Jasmine but at the grocery store the cashiers are still wearing masks, and the employees at some restaurants too.

LOL oneofthem thats what my Mom said too except its sort of like a treasure hunt to find if there are any self serve holy water filling stations like they have at my parent`s parish. At one religious goods shop I saw, they were selling empty jugs that could probably hold at least 3-4L of water. I guess I should go back there and ask where I can get a smaller one filled up since they seem so accommodating for large quantities. My quest for the weekend I guess.

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