United States Bishops say No to Reiki

28 03 2009

I say its about time they released a statement on it too!  In the U.S it seems that even religious (meaning monks and nuns) practice Reiki at hospitals, even Catholic hospitals, and also at retreats held at their monasteries & convents.   For an example of nuns promoting Reiki  see this site.

There are plenty of articles on this subject out there so I would suggest reading the press release and document in question directly from the USCCB`s site to start.  click here

In Japan Reiki is not practised in hospitals as far as I and those I asked know.  I have also never heard of any churches or religious promoting it I think because they have a very different view on such practises compared to people in other countries.  Here Reiki isn’t exotic, and one (non Catholic) friend called it a fraud.




One response

5 04 2009
Osumashi Kinyobe

I wish I’d seen this site earlier!
I have no idea why any rational person would believe in (as your friend called it) this fraud. The bishops are right in speaking out against it.

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