Sanctus in Japanese

23 03 2009

I know its not perfect, the audio quality could be better and so on but here it is the first of many videos I plan on putting up.

The words are as follows.

Kansha no sanka (the name in Japanese)

Sei naru kana,

sei naru kana,

sei naru kana bangun no Kami naru Shu,

Shu no eiko wa tenchi ni mitsu.

Ten no ito tataki tokoro ni hozanna.

Homu-beki kana, Shu no na ni yoritekitaru mono.

Ten no ito tataki tokoro ni hozanna




2 responses

7 04 2009

My heart is very happy with this, brother, it’s wonderfull, our brothers in Japan singing to the Lord… well when do you upload the Kyrie or the “Agnes Dei”.

Well im interested about the situation of the Church in Japan, my email is:

I hope you can answer, thanks.

blessings from Mexico

16 04 2009
Peter Wadhams

Congratulations on starting this valuable task. As long term visitors to Japan we came to love the choir and the Mass at St Francis Church in Oyama (near Itabashi), but the one time that we took along a tape recorder they decided to sing in Latin! If they would give you permission, this would be an inspiring Mass to record.

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