Pope willing to meet PM Aso & Might Come to Japan

14 03 2009

ROME (Kyodo) Pope Benedict XVI would be willing to meet with Prime Minister Taro Aso, a Catholic, if he requests it, Secretary for Relations with States of the Holy See Dominique Mamberti said Thursday.

Aso could meet the pope during a planned visit to Italy in July to attend a Group of Eight summit.

The last meeting between a pope and a Japanese prime minister took place in 1999, when the late Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi met the late Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.

If a meeting of the pope and Aso is realized, they could discuss the pope’s possible visit to Japan, Mamberti told a group of reporters.


My favorite part is the last line

If a meeting of the pope and Aso is realized, they could discuss the pope’s possible visit to Japan, Mamberti told a group of reporters.

That would be fantastic if the pope could come here!  I would definitely be at any and every event he was at too.  I saw him in Rome last year so it would be nice if he could return the favor by coming here 😀   I just have one request and that would be for the pope to have a mass or something in Tokyo too because usually Nagasaki gets to have all the fun.




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15 03 2009
jasmine tea

Excellent! I hope he comes soon, too!

Nagasaki would actually be more convenient for me than Tokyo… but after all, the PM is based in Tokyo, so the Pope would probably need to visit there for a little while, at least. You may be in luck!!

I see from a quick search on Amazon.co.jp that his “Jesus of Nazareth” has been translated (ナザレのイエス), but he’s been quite a prolific writer. We need more (good) translations!

16 03 2009

The Holy Father tends to visit a country’s principal See to visit its provincial hierarch (ie Tokyo) as well as significant centres of the Faith (eg Nagasaki, the cradle of the Church in Japan). The real question is whether this story has substance.

I for one had no idea the PM was a Catholic, when it comes to J-politics I’m still stuck in the Koizumi and Abe days…

19 03 2009

I hope that this meeting may happen!

Sad to say, there are those, usually on the communist left, who believe that religion is all nonsense. (As if it does not require any faith to do anything else!)

I’ll pray for Japan; materialism is impermanent after all, according to Buddhist teachings. As for us, God is inevitable. Those who deny him, well, let’s pray that a merciful God forgives them.

11 04 2009

It would very well be a great blessing to Japan if Pope Benedict XVI could come for an extended visit. Perhaps he could smooth out Aso’s view on Christianity which seems to me to be a tad bit distorted from his comment about Christians learning from the Japanese about work ethic.

If you get to go and see him, please record a few minutes of the Mass or his words! ❤

14 04 2009

If the pope comes to Japan I will record everything I possibly can 🙂

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