Unusual Events 4

9 03 2009

For parts 1-3 look on the right side of the page for the about me category.

Summer 2005 my Mom and one of my brothers are visiting me.  My Mom bro and a couple of Japanese friends are sightseeing one weekend and one place we go is Tokyo city hall because it has a free observation floor on the 45th floor or so.   We were having a good time taking photos, eating ice cream, and just enjoying the view on that clear sunny day when suddenly I felt an intense urge to leave there ASAP.  Everyone wanted to linger more but I insisted, so we got the elevator and went to the main floor.  Less than five minutes later while browsing around a small gift shop/ tourist info center the strongest earthquake to hit Tokyo in thirteen years hits.  article The elevators stopped running, as is their design, trapping people for over an hour.  By less than five minutes we avoided being stuck on the 45th floor  or worse stuck in a elevator.  My Mom was very frightened by the quake and she was only on the first floor so if she had been back on the observation floor, which is designed to sway tremendously, or in the elevator she would have been terrified.

I have no doubt that I have a guardian angel and that day he guided us to safety.




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