Lilies of the Field

6 03 2009

This is a 1963 movie starring Sidney Poitier a role which he won best actor for at the Academy Awards.   The movie is a heartwarming story about 5 immigrant nuns from Eastern Europe praying for years for a miracle to happen … and then Sidney Poitier appears to be sent to them to help them build their dream … a chapel in the desert.

Since I am in Japan and its not likely the local video store has this to rent I found it on youtube click here to watch.  It is in nine parts so it is a bit annoying to have to keep switching pages after each video, and it isn’t dvd quality but inspite of all that I suggest taking the time to watch.  If you still aren’t sure at least watch the first ten minutes which I have posted below.



One response

7 03 2009
jasmine tea

Ha! Awesome. I haven’t seen this movie for a long time.

Makes one think about the good things one can accomplish even if only “passing through.”

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