41 Baptisms

2 03 2009

On Saturday February 28 I went to mass at the cathedral in Yokohama and guess what.  The priest said that the next day there would be 41 people from that church baptized!!    Yes 41.   Now that is not my normal parish so I don’t have any more details but just hearing that was very encouraging.  For almost one year I have been praying the Rosary with one of the intentions that many Japanese people would encounter Jesus so I cant help but wonder if my prayers even helped just a tiny bit.  It would be amazing if that was true since I am not perfect at all!  I pray too fast, I get distracted, I skip some days and so on but maybe there is a tiny chance God used some of that hmm…



4 responses

2 03 2009

Praise God!

All is according to His Will!

Keep praying the rosary, and ask for Our Lady’s intercession.

Our Lady of Japan, pray for us!

May Japan abandon materialism or any other erroneous ways!

3 03 2009
Fr. Dismas, OP

Laus Deo!

4 03 2009
jasmine tea

God bless them, every one, especially in this Lenten desert.

I was just reading a great post by Fr. Philip at Hanc Aquam about Christ being “driven” into the desert right after His baptism in the Jordan. And that is often the way our spiritual and physical lives work– grace, consolation, trial, ‘dry periods’…

Let’s keep praying for these newly baptized Christians as well as for more new converts to the Faith.

16 03 2009

Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ, and thanks be to him for your perseverance in prayer for the conversion of souls!

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