Whack a god

27 02 2009

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1 03 2009
jasmine tea

Even from a fairytale perspective, it doesn’t seem like a “god of poverty” could bestow good fortune. And if times get harder, people aren’t going to have the money to spend on the tour bus and donation. That poor fellow and his wife might have to try a new business again soon.

Then again, they’ve been at this for 11 years and now get up to 500 visitors on a busy day?

Nonetheless, there’s something disturbing about setting up a ‘god’ that is meant to be kicked and beaten. Better wood than flesh and blood, but best not to encourage that kind of ‘retribution’ at all, don’t you think?

2 03 2009

This is probably a left-over from the primitive understanding of divinity;

“I pray, you give me blessings.”

Like a vending machine.

Heh. It’s interesting. Perhaps it is God’s will to show us how flawed and insufficient materialism is by letting us experience economic hardships. I have heard that there had been an increase in church attendance because of the worldwide economic crisis.

In any case, we are at the mercy of a loving God, and we pray with the hope that God hears us and gives us a break now and then. After all, God does what God wants. No amount of statue kicking or praying can be certain, that is why faith is necessary.

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