Ash Wednesday

25 02 2009

It is a rainy start to Lent here in Tokyo.  I will go to mass in the evening so the lateness of the mass and the rain answer the question how long do you leave your ashes on for?  Not long!  So what am I giving up for Lent?  I will try to spend less time on the computer and instead read the Bible, possibly the whole thing, and read other religious books as well.  I am interested in the  diary of St Faustina so that’s on my to read list as well as Chesterton and… we`ll see!  I am also going (to at least try my best) to say the Rosary everyday.  I had been saying it once a week, or more, up until December /January but since then nothing zip zero, so to go from zero to everyday is more daunting than giving up chocolate!  For those who don’t say the Rosary or even the chaplet of Divine Mercy try the chaplet first.   All about the chaplet and how to say it here.  It only takes about seven minutes to say, you can count on your fingers if you don’t have a Rosary, and it never mentions Mary once if you have any issues with her.




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25 02 2009
Michael Yoder

Offer the rosary for the conversion of Japan.

God bless and may this Lent lead all of us more down a penitential path, not only for this season but for the whole year. For reparation for our own individual sins, for the outrages committed against our Lord in the Eucharist and against His Blessed Mother and for our Holy Father and for the conversion of not only Japan but the whole world.

25 02 2009
jasmine tea

I’m going to Mass soon, too!

Here’s to a holy and prayerful Lent for all of us.

28 02 2009

I attend the Ash Wednesday mass on 25th at Yotsuya.
I reaffirmed my commitment to being a practicing Catholic.

And I am looking forward to coming Easter.
I will pray for everything every single day 😉

2 03 2009

Hi miho I think we have to reaffirm our faith every day work on it every day. Its kind of like exercising if we just sit all the time our bodies become weak but if we do some exercise often our bodies stay strong. Even if we just do a little bit of prayer it helps so dont give up!

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