Buddhist Priest irked by noise ‘exacted rusty revenge’

23 01 2009

OSAKA–A 55-year-old head priest of a Buddhist temple in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, annoyed by the noise of a delivery company’s vehicles, allegedly sprinkled salt on the shuttered entrance to the company’s warehouse located in front of the temple to cause it to rust, it has been learned.

During questioning by the police, the priest initially insisted he had seen spirits and had been trying to purify the area with the salt, but he then admitted he wanted to cause trouble for the company since its vehicles were noisy from early in the morning.

The priest reportedly kept sprinkling the salt over 10 years. The police are to send papers on the case to the prosecutors office.

What an unusual story especially since it seems he was doing this for 10 years.  Maybe he should have invested in some ear plugs or better windows, or if he wanted to get revenge why not do something faster.




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