What you Never Knew About Barbie

15 01 2009

I had no idea that that toy had those origins.

Wait dear reader! Stop! Before you say “It’s only a Barbie!” and toss this article aside like American toddlers toss aside headless, naked Barbies, stay with me please.

In the late 1950’s Barbie became the first “adult” doll for children. She was copied from a German prostitute doll name Bild Lilli, who was a character in an “adult” cartoon. The prostitute Lilli doll was sold, not to girls, but to men in bars and tobacco shops. Unaware of her prostitute background, Barbie’s American creators used the prostitute Lilli doll as a prototype for the first Barbie doll.

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One response

18 01 2009

Well then. That’s a little scary to think of, because now I can see where a lot of my cousins and me have been effected in our self image by these dolls. I’ve pretty much gotten rid o the Barbie dolls in my house, but one of my cousins’ houses is crawling with them, with a 6 year-old who now asks questions like “Am I fat?” “I want clothes like that” and “Do I have breasts?” We always told her not to ask questions like that, but maybe we should now start by giving her good role models in the first place.

I also showed this to one of my friends, and she was disgusted. She herself is relly self-consious about weight and appearances, and it made her think as well.

Thanks for the link.

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