Pill inventor slams … pill

14 01 2009

Eighty five year old Carl Djerassi the Austrian chemist who helped invent the contraceptive pill now says that his co-creation has led to a “demographic catastrophe.”In an article published by the Vatican this week, the head of the world’s Catholic doctors broadened the attack on the pill, claiming it had also brought “devastating ecological effects” by releasing into the environment “tonnes of hormones” that had impaired male fertility, The Taiwan Times says.

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The assault began with a personal commentary in the Austrian newspaper Der Standard by Carl Djerassi. The Austrian chemist was one of three whose formulation of the synthetic progestogen Norethisterone marked a key step toward the earliest oral contraceptive pill.



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16 01 2009

Pill never really caught in in Japan though, so at least you can still drink the water. 😛

16 01 2009
Adam S.

The most intelligent criticism of the Pill came from the late Ivan Illich, a Catholic priest from Cuernavaca. He evaluated the Pill as the last great sacrament in the religion of modern medicine. Contraceptives, to him, were the one way that doctors could assert autonomy and their own sacredness in the womb, displacing God. (See his work Medical Nemesis, retitled “Limits to Medicine” for its 2002 re-release) The use of pills, diaphragms, and condoms, all of which are notoriously effective, has never been about money or power, but the efforts of prudes and libertines to sap sexuality, pregnancy, and children of their last vestiges of either joy or dignity. It is so fitting these last few years to watch the rotten fruits of liberalism come to harvest. But, may the Lord have mercy on Japan. They are the last country in the world to need abortions, pills, or declining birth rates.

18 01 2009

It seems like he finally caught on. Contraceptives, including the pill, can’t be any good for anything or anyone. If something bad happens in one aspect of human life, its going to show in other aspects as well. I’m glad that he gets it, at least now and not later. Or never.

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