St Ignatius January Bulletin

12 01 2009

From its reflections on Mary, to the explanation of the gifts of the magi and reflections on Epiphany, to the key to spiritual life I highly recommend this month`s bulletin from St Ignatius in Tokyo.  You certainly don’t have to be a parishioner there to appreciate what is written.

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14 01 2009
Viator Catholicus

Interesting like and some good points…
But, I did growl when I came across the “umarried” bunk about Mary. She was betroth to Joseph and in Jewish society of the time the marriage had already been initiated. That’s why it’s important that Mary says she does not know man to Gabriel. And that is why Scripture says Joseph planned to follow Jewish law and “divorce” her and do so “quietly.” In such a way, people would assume Jesus was his, but that according to the law he found something he did not like about her (ex. even her cooking would be an excuse). [The Fathers of the Church explain that just Joseph knew Mary was unique and believed her when she told him that she conceived by the Holy Spirit. If he had thought her an adultress, he as a just man would have had to denounce her publicly. She would’ve been liable to stoning according to the law.] In any case Mary was not “unmarried!”
Secondly, where do they get off calling Our Lady “uneducated.” Tradition holds that she was educated in her tender years in the Temple. Moreover, her Magnificat demonstartes a fine and poetic wisdom of God’s action in Israel’s history.

21 02 2009

This is my church 😉

25 02 2009

cool 😀

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