The Vows Bar

10 01 2009

The what now?  Well it involves a Buddhist priest as bartender so to know the who what and why read on.

“As night falls, Namu Amida Butsu (Homage to Amida Buddha).”

The scene is not a temple, it’s a bar–the Nakano Vows Bar, on the second floor of a multi-storied building in Tokyo’s Nakano Ward, five minutes on foot from JR Nakano Station. The Japanese pronunciation of “Vows” sounds a bit like “bozu,” meaning Buddhist priest. Sure enough, that’s what the man mixing cocktails behind the counter is.

Full article here

and what seems to be the bar`s website here

In case you are wondering how on earth the Japanese pronunciation of vows gets to to be like bozu it is the v which commonly comes out b.  For example this summer I was watching what I thought was Olympic volleyball but the commentator said it was bolleyball, and I like the song Ave Maria but here everyone likes Abe Maria.



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