Christmas Mass Times Tokyo

19 12 2008

St Ignatius next to Sophia University in Yotsuya has this page with all the info you need.

click here

Franciscan Chapel Center in Roppongi also has their Christmas and New Years mass info up.

click here

scroll down a little for the mass info.

I will attend mass in Japanese at my smaller local parish because it wont be as crowded as the major English speaking churches.  Full yes packed to the ceiling no.

I was a Christmas and Easter Catholic for a while and sometimes I didn’t even go on those days, so if you are in the same boat I was in please don’t receive the Eucharist unless you have been to confession first.  St Ignatius is really good for confessions and has the sacrament available, with a multilingual priest,  everyday from 5-7pm, check their website for more info.



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21 12 2008


Off-topic, but are there any RCIA classes in Tokyo, in English, that you know of?

Thank you


22 12 2008

Hello and if it is you that would like to attend RCIA congratulations!
I found one class in English on Sundays at 1:30pm at the Franciscan Chapel Center in Roppongi. They are on a break for the holidays now so the next class is Sunday January 11th. I phoned to make sure of all this and if you want to talk to them as well their number is 03-3401-2141 and their website is

22 12 2008
Fr. Dismas, OP

Off topic, but you wouldn’t happen to know where I could find audio (or video too) of the Mass parts in Japanese?

24 12 2008

Hi Father I have come across some clips of mass in Japanese on youtube and I will post them as soon as I can dig them up again.

26 12 2008
Fr. Dismas, OP

Wonderful! Thank you so much!

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