6 lives saved by anti-suicide patrols along coast of Fukui Prefecture

16 12 2008

Members of a local non-profit organization (NPO) conducting anti-suicide patrols along the coast of Sakai, Fukui Prefecture, saved six people from taking their own lives in November. Perhaps reflecting the current state of society, four of the would-be suicides were recently laid off temporary workers.

Some 25 people commit suicide every year along the sharp Tojinbo cliffs that extend along the coast from Ishikawa Prefecture.

article here

In October, the man was told he was “no longer required,” and was also expelled from the company dormitory he had been living in. With no relatives to turn to for help, the man went from place to place, finally arriving at Tojinbo.

It is a sad fact that the one man had no family to turn to in his time of need, however, the NPO that patrols the coast are truly commendable.    For all those who read this post please pray for the 30, 000+ who kill themselves in Japan each year and for all those who work to help stop suicides.




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