Fr. Riccardo Magrin

8 12 2008

The PIME missionary from Italy died at the end of November after 54 years in Japan.

TOKYO (AsiaNews) – Bishop Dominic Miyahara did not hesitate to compare Father Riccardo’s character to that of the 188 Japanese martyrs, who were beatified last 24 November. In its original meaning, “martyrdom” meant giving one’s life totally for the love of Christ. And this, according to the bishop, was the sense of Fr Riccardo Magrin’s life. The PIME missionary passed away on 26 November at the age of 84.

article here

I would like to highlight one point.

If people in Saga Prefecture learnt anything about European culture, it was not through TV shows but by observing the life of a small and humble missionary.

In order to achieve such a high level of cultural communication Father Magrin required a great deal of moral energy which he got from high above through constant prayer.

An example to all of us.  We each may be the only Catholic someone meets so should we not then be the best example of a Catholic to those around us?  And we are even given the answer in the next sentence  as to where we can find help for that and that is in prayer. I would also add in going to Confession, and in the Eucharist.

For any Protestants, Atheists, Agnostics etc who may be reading this being the best example of whoever you are while in Japan applies to you too.  Leave the country better than when you found it by leaving a good impression of who you are and where you are from with the Japanese and foreigners you meet.   And not just a good impression but help others become better people than when you first met them.  I know of some foreigners who treat others around them and Japan itself as a piece of garbage with no respect for anyone or anything other than what good it is to themselves.  I’m asking anyone who reads this to not be like that.



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