188 Martyrs Beatification News Roundup

26 11 2008


photo from Kyushu Yomiuri


photo from Yomiuri online

Well the Prime Minister was in Peru on the day of the beatification so the question of him attending was avoided completely.  The national news on NHK at 7pm on Monday did have a quick mention of the events in Nagasaki on their news in brief segment.  That was the only tv news coverage I found of the beatification.  Other news shows may have mentioned the mass but I didn’t see anything more.

Online Japanese news sites did have coverage such as this article this article (with pics)  this article (with pics)  this article (with video)  and so on.

Online English sites had this article this article and this article Comparing the English and Japanese media it seems , as far as I can find on google, no mainstream English news sites covered the beatification while mainstream Japanese news sites did.

Someone who attended the mass already has a short video up on youtube.




3 responses

3 12 2008


I wonder about when the memorial day (in liturgical callendar) is prevised for these martyrs?
thanks for info

4 12 2008

If Im not mistaken their memorial day will be July !st.

10 12 2008
Viator Catholicus

A friend informed of the following:

(Includes footage of John Paul II’s visit)


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