Party Time

17 11 2008

Several years ago when I first came to Japan I did what many (not all) other foreigners do and that was party.  I had other interests too such as sports however after our training or matches we would go out and drink.  A lot of time off from work was spent drinking almost indecent amounts of alcohol with friends and coworkers.  Of course never too much that I couldn’t make it home but most weekends involved drinking in some amount and recovering from the hang over.  Like the prodigal son I was squandering my life.  Of course at that time I wasn’t going to Church either.  I was a Christmas and Easter Catholicwhen i felt like it or felt guilty.

God in His mercy though gently guided my life away from that path of squander to a much more healthy and fulfilling one.  He allowed me to under go a change in jobs and friends, a change I didn’t want to happen, in order to get my attention.  You could say He led me out into the desert so He could speak to me.  I didn’t find Jesus, I wasn’t really looking for Him.  I was rather trying to avoid Him.  He is the shepherd though and He was looking for this lost sheep   A sheep who bleated loudly in protest at first, and tried to run away but who now recognizes the Shepherd.

To any foreigner who spends a lot of time partying and running away from the Shepherd, let Him catch you.  Jesus loves you and He wont stop looking for you no matter how you try to run away.  Your life will be so much better when you let Him carry you and not Jack Daniels, Jim Beam or Asahi Super Dry.




One response

25 11 2008
chris doyle

Nicely put, you are wise for your age….

After half my life running, I “let Him catch” me again!
God is Great!

From a recently born-again Catholic.

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