“March for Russia” Will Protest Abortion, Homosexuality in Face of Plummeting Population

1 11 2008

MOSCOW, October 31, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – On November 4th, A coalition of nationalist organizations will march through the streets of Moscow to protest abortion and homosexuality in Russia, according to the Russian news organization Pravda and organizer websites.

The march comes in response to a plummeting Russian population, which is being replaced by foreigners, especially in larger cities such as Moscow.

Due to a sky-high abortion rate, which in recent years has stood at around 13 abortions for every 10 live births, the Russian population is plummeting.  It has fallen from 149 million in 1992 to 142 million in 2007, and commonly cited estimates indicate that if trends continue the population will fall to 100 million by 2050.

article here

I am honestly a bit surprised that such a march exists in Russia, and that the local authorities allowed it.  My guess is they had to be bribed.  At any rate a march will take place which is more than I can say for Japan because, as far as I know, I have yet to hear of any such anti abortion march.   Yes Catholic Christians in Japan are a tiny minority but what about people who confess to follow Shinto or Buddhism why cant they do anything too?  This is going to sound politically incorrect however I have no respect for those two religions anymore because people who claim to follow those beliefs have done nothing that I know of to protect innocent lives in Japan.




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