Knights leader asks synod to consider linking Mass readings, catechism

24 10 2008

article here

The part that caught my attention was this.

The superior general, who was elected in January after decades of work in Asia, said that during his years in Japan he noticed people, Christians and non-Christians alike, were a lot more interested in the Bible than in traditional Catholic catechesis.

“The most important fruit of the word of God for the majority of people is that it offers an alternative: a different world, the world of God, the world of compassion, hope and community,” he said.

Simply reading about God’s vision for the world, he said, “is already a source of hope for many.”

So fellow Catholics become more familiar with the Bible, especially the Gospels, and don’t be afraid of talking to people about the things Jesus did.  With the recent financial crisis a good story  you could relate to people is when Jesus throws the money changers out of the temple.




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