Thoughts on Martyrdom

21 10 2008

Basically I never thought about it before I came to Japan, and it never really deeply affected me until I went to a church in Kamakura.  My original post on that church here.  The photos below were not taken during mass by the way.

At that church, surrounding the baptismal font, they have paintings of martyrs.  If you attend mass and are seated on the left side of the church you will come face to face with the paintings right after receiving the Holy Eucharist.  The church is not my regular parish, I was just visiting, however I saw the paintings once again and was deeply affected by them.   I wonder if in my life I will be called to walk the same path and if I could endure it?  To the first question I don’t know but to the second one I think with the help of teh Holy Spirit I would have the ability to walk any path.  Remember what is going on in India right now click here. I think we should be careful not to dismiss such stories as unlikely in our own time and backyards.




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