I am so Excited!

10 10 2008

My sister gave birth to a happy healthy girl 😀  I cant wait to see her and I hope I can make it for the baptism.  Of course her birth comes right in the middle of the Forty Days for Life that is going on in the U.S and Canada.  website here Since there is nothing going on in Japan such as prayer vigils, that I know of, I have been saying an extra decade of my Rosary & Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the special intention of an end to abortion in Japan and my home country.   I would ask anyone who reads this to please keep in their prayer intentions a special intention for the end of abortion in Japan and their homeland.  It is our problem and at the very least we must offer up our prayers and sufferings in reparation for this killing and for its end.




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19 10 2008

Congratulations! I’m recently a new uncle (again) myself, and this morning will be off to the baptismal Mass. I miss being in Japan sometimes, but it is wonderful to be near my family for occasions like this. I hope that you can meet your new niece soon.

22 10 2008

Congratulations to you too! I am lucky and will actually be able to go and visit my sister and her family soon. While I havent heard anything about the baptism I hope they will have it while Im there.

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