A Real Heavenly Banquet?

7 10 2008

I was eating lunch and suddenly realized something as though pieces of a puzzle came together.  This realization just came to me so I haven’t had much time to do research to add references but I wanted to share it anyway.  I realized we will have actual physical bodies in heaven.  Ok it will be a glorified body but we will each have this physical body we are in now back to us to live in and enjoy heaven with for eternity.  Of course we each have to make it there first and wait for the day of the final judgment where everyone gets their body back but still what awaits us in heaven we will be able to enjoy physically.

After His resurrection Jesus was able to appear in a locked room but was still real flesh and bone that Thomas could touch, and  He was also able to eat with the disciples.  Isaiah chapter 25 mentions a heavenly banquet for one example, and if we each have a glorified body as shown by Christ after His resurrection then we will literally be able to eat in heaven!  I cant even imagine what a heavenly banquet would be like but the thought that I may physically be able to be there to enjoy it is astonishing.   How many times have you eaten something and described the taste as heavenly?  Now try to imagine eating that in heaven!

As anyone who has been to Japan will know Japanese people really appreciate good food, and get really excited over it.  There are many cooking/eating shows on t.v and people react with a lot of enthusiasm over foods they deem particularly fancy such as abalone and Kobe beef.  I wonder how many more Japanese would be interested in Christ if they heard what He has promised in heaven?  Of course conversion is more complicated than that but I think the idea of a real physical heavenly banquet could catch a lot of people`s attention.

I also remember in the Bible where Jesus says `in my Father`s house there are many mansions` but until today I just thought He was being poetic and never took that passage seriously.  Now I realize hey wait a second maybe Jesus literally does mean physical mansions after all!  If we have physical bodies we would need a place to live wouldn’t we.

Like I said I just deeply realized these things and have to do more research however they are so exciting to think about.




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8 10 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve brushed up on that corner of doctrine, but I believe that life after death is divided into two (or three) distinct phases. Ultimately, you’re correct, we are supposed to receive our renewed physical bodies after the resurrection. But the resurrection doesn’t happen immediately. First, of course, comes purgatory if necessary, and then our souls will be in heaven, in a state of perfect happiness but separated from our bodies. Then, at the end of time, all of creation (including the Earth) is renewed and recreated and we inhabit that glorified (but still physical) Earth with glorified (but still physical) bodies.

Honestly, I can’t help thinking that we don’t really know for sure. There’s a difference between the established doctrine of the Church and “theological speculation” (the term someone, maybe one of the last two popes, used to refer to the rejected idea of Limbo, which was another idea about the afterlife). I do know that the physicality of our resurrected selves is regarded as certain, however.

10 10 2008

Your last sentence really says it all I mean as you wrote before that there is purgatory, spiritual heaven etc however eventually we will have glorified but still physical bodies and it was just something Id never really thought about before.

25 09 2009

Well if you’re right about all this, I just hope I get better legs next time than I did in this life!

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